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ORGANIC GARDENING STARTER KIT from Groveflora, The premier Garden Resource Company of India

For the on-the-go gardener we have a new starter kit. You can watch the miracle of a mini-garden right in your own home with lovely flowers/foliage to boost the nature quotient in your home. Starter Kit is also ideal for gifting to the hobby gardener or the kids in your home. Just follow the instructions to get great results.
 Gladioli bulbs varieties India Flower bulbs India Cherry Tomatoes India Heliconia Groveflora India

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Super Herb/Veg/Flower Seeds and Flower Bulbs Starter Kits at Rs 499 only Inclusive of Courier

Pots of A Colorful Flower Bulbs and Seeds Starter Kit for Rs. 499/- only with 5 FLOWER BULBS and 5 SEED PACKETS (2 VEGGIE, 2 FLOWER, 1 HERBS)! (inclusive of Courier Shipping) (Code SFS16):

Dear Balcony of Mine, you may be small, but You are my Oasis of Peace. I head out to you to enjoy that morning cuppa each day! So, to show my LOVE for you dear balcony SFS16 is my gift to us. Here's to our Companionship! The flower bulbs & Seeds will bloom with color and make you an even more beautiful, my dear space!

Groveflora Flower Bulbs India flower seeds Groveflora India flower bulbs Groveflora India flower bulbs Groveflora India

1. Premium Freesia – 4 Bulbs
2. Hyacinth - 1 Bulbs
3. Vegetable Seeds - 2 Seed Packets of Your choice!
4. Herb Seeds - 1 Seed Packet of Your choice!
5. Flower Seeds - 2 Seed Packets of Your choice!

Make your choice of Seeds from our listing on the Seeds page and simply let us know to get you all set for a colorful garden in your home!

Trail Blazer Hanging Basket Flower Seeds Starter Kit for Rs. 499/- only with (1 sample pack of Flower Bloom Nutrient Mix), AND 9 FLOWER SEEDS of 9 VARIETIES! (inclusive of Courier Shipping) (Code TBH16):

Be a trail blazer and a colorful one at that with all the colorful flowers that you could wish for!
Flowers of this starter combo are guaranteed to make you happy!! Many of these flowers can be planted in a wire basket and hung from the ceiling of your balcony. They grow and trail down creating a mesmerizing floral display.

1. Golden Nasturtium – 1 Seed Packet
2. Pretty Petunia – 1 Seed Packet
3. Giant Gazania – 1 Seed Packet
4. New Nemesia – 1 Seed Packet
5. Dainty Dainthus – 1 Seed Packet
6. Dwarf Phlox – 1 Seed Packet
7. Colorful Single Petal Dahlia – 1 Seed Packet
8. Godetia Dwarf – 1 Seed Packet
9. Sweet Salvia – 1 Seed Packet
10. PLUS 1 Sample Pack of Flower Bloom Nutrient Mix

Health-Star AntiOxidant Seeds Starter Kit for Rs. 499/- only (inclusive of Courier Shipping) (Code HSS16):

Good Health can never be taken for granted. We live in a world where we are exposed to cell phone radiation, polluting exhaust from vehicles and construction, produce filled with pesticides and chemicals.

Add to this a cocktail of sedentary habits, higher consumption of the 3 W's (White Flour, White Sugar, and White Salt) and you have a really taxing time for the body.
This starter kit aims to give you the 4 Herb seeds & 2 Vegetable seeds to counter the above effects and give you long lasting health. Grow them and eat these Herbs and Vegetables as often as you can. Just a garnish of these Herbs will help.

 Groveflora Carrot Seeds India Groveflora Lettuce Seeds India Groveflora Herb Seeds India Groveflora Herb Seeds India

1. Lemon Balm Basil Seeds – 1 Packet
2. Rosemary Seeds – 1 Packet
3. Thyme Seeds – 1 Packet
4. Sweet Marjoram Seeds – 1 Packet
5. Sweet Carrot– 1 Packet
6. Iceberg Lettuce – 1 Packet


To know more about the festive season garden gift options available click here

For a listing of flower bulbs we supply in India and abroad please see information below:

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