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Water Products: Drip Irrigation kits for the Terrace and for Large Gardens

Drip Irrigation Drip Irrigation Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation Kit for Watering Terrace Garden & Container Gardening

There are some very inexpensive DIY micro-irrigation kits available to help members save water when gardening. Some of the advantages of these kits are given below:

1) No electricity required, operates on gravity.
2) Easy to install and are a great Do it yourself project.Detailed instructions are included in the kit
3) Portable system, can be easily shifted. All items are supplied in one box. Easy to carry.
4) Affordable drip systems that can be customized for different pot layouts on terraces or small areas.

These Kits are usually available in six models: 30m², 100m², 250m², 500m², 1000m² & 2000m². These can easily be setup and used with or without timers for your terrace garden. Gravity based options work best for home gardens. These irrigation kits do not consume expensive electricity. This saves you water (since less is lost through evaporation and the water gets to the plant root itself). It also saves time on a regular basis and is literally a plant life saver for your garden when you are away on a long vacation! So you can leave all your worries and come back and see your garden flourishing as always!

Battery operated Timer with solenoid valve can also be purchased separately to automate/regulate the duration and timing of water.

As an example 60 pot irrigation kit (number of pots can be changed per your requirement) comes equipped with:
- main drip lateral pipes,
- micro pipes and emitters,
- well-fitting 4way connectors,
- water stops for end of tube,
- stakes,
- punching tool,
- T-joints & L-joints,
- water filter in built,
- tap or tank connector with start/stop valve,
- turbo stake drippers for containers and pots,
- goof plugs where wrong holes are punched,
- suggested layout plans,
- detailed instructions to set up.
This kit can be used for fewer or more pots depending on your needs customized with different layouts.

In case you have large garden spaces Drip Irrigation kits work equally well. We can arrange customized solutions that conserve water and are economical as well.

Write to us at to get further details about the DIY drip irrigation kits for your home garden on the terrace or balcony.

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