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Freesia flower bulbs Groveflora India Gladioli flower bulbs Groveflora India
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Groveflora brings you starter kits at best discounted prices only (inclusive of courier shipping) so that you can experiment even with a single bulb of each variety.

Three Great Starter Kit Options available. Ordering is really simple. Send us the code of your choice at

1. Fragrant Delight of 6 varieties of Exotic Flower Bulbs–Double Tuberosa Rajnigandha, Ornithogalum, Sparaxis, Ixia, Zephyranthes and Gladioli Flower Bulbs Starter Kit for Rs. 349/- only (inclusive of Courier Shipping) (Code EFB):

Fragrant Rajnigandha Double Variety (aka Polianthes Tuberosa) delights with its subtle fragrance and its flower laden plumes, the pristine beauty of white Ornithogalum also fragrant, the sword-leaf like captivating Gladioli and bright blooms of Sparaxis are a visual treat. They all combine to make for a very attractive garden space.

This Flower Bulb Starter Kit gives you bulbs of every kind that can be planted now without having to buy whole packs
Sparaxis flower bulbs Groveflora India Star of Bethlehem Ornithogalum flower bulbs Groveflora India Rajnigandha flower bulbs Groveflora India Gladioli flower bulbs Groveflora India
1. Rajnigandha Double Variety - 2 flower bulbs
2.Ornithogalum - 2 flower bulbs
3. Sparaxis - 2 flower bulbs
4. Gladioli - 4 flower bulbs
5. Ixia - 2 flower bulb
6.Zephyranthes Lily - 6 flower bulbs
7. Step by Step growing Instructions

2. POPULAR FLOWER BULB PACK - Flower Bulb Pack of 6 varieties of Flower Bulbs! Starter Kit for Rs. 399/- only (inclusive of Courier Shipping) (Code PWP18):

Polianthes Tuberosa (Rajnigandha Double), Lycoris Lily Golden, Caladiums, Zephyranthes Rain Lily, Football Lily, seeds of Herbs and Flower Seeds!
Everything to make your garden a bouquet of flowers to behold. Plus Seeds of English Herb and Seasonal Flower! A value combination for Groveflora members!

Lycoris Lily flower bulbs Groveflora India Gloriosa flower bulbs Groveflora India Football Lily Groveflora India Rajnigandha Groveflora India
1. Fragrant Rajnigandha Double Tuberose - 2 flower bulbs
2. Fiery Football Lily - 1 flower bulb
3. Ruby Red Nerine - 2 flower bulbs
4. Golden Lycoris Lily - 2 flower bulbs
4. Glorious Gloriosa Rothshilda Lily - 1 flower bulb
5. All season Zephyranthes Rain Lily Mix - 5 flower bulbs
6. Sunflower Helianthus- 1 pack of flower seeds
7. Italian Basil Herb - 1 pack of Herb seeds

3. FLOWER SEED DELIGHT - Starter Kit of 7 varieties of Flower Seeds – Starter Kit for Rs. 349/- only (inclusive of Courier Shipping) (Code WSD17):

Zinnia with its beautiful foliage and flowers, the showy beauty of Helichrysum, and other summer flowers are a visual treat. They all combine to make for a very attractive garden space.
Add to this vegetables that have been grown organically BY YOU!

flower seeds Groveflora India flower seeds Groveflora India Petunia flower seeds Groveflora India Gazania flower seeds Groveflora India
1. Flower Seeds - 7 seed packs
Choose from Acroclinium Roseum, Balsam, Bellis Pomponette, Phlox Beauty, Koschia Fire Bush, Zinnia, Marigold, Candituft White, Calendula, Chrysanthemum Sweet Merry Mixed, Cineraria, Celosia (Cocks Comb Mix)), Clarkia, Coreopsis Mix, Coleus Blumen Rainbow(New!), Dahlia (Fiagro), Dahlia Top Star(New!), Delphinium(Imperial), Dianthus (Barbatus), Dorotheanthus(Heavens mixed), Gazania(Sunshine Hybrid), Geranium scented(New!), Gomphrena, Helichrysum, Ipomea Morning Glory, Larkspur Mix, Lupin Mix, Impatiens, Mesembryantemum, Nasturtium, Nemesia, Osteospermum (African daisy), Ornamental Kale(fringed), Ornamental colorful Chilli Mix, Petunia Star Mix, Petunia Nana Compacta Dwarf, Petunia scarlet bright red, Phlox Dwarf Beauty Mix(New!), Pansy Viola Swiss Giant Mix, Rudbeckia Dwarf Mix, Salvia (Fire Red), Sunflower Golden, Sweet Peas Mix, Schizanthus (Orchid flower), Sweet Sultan (New!), Verbena Mix, Portulaca, Vinca.

2. OPTIONAL - Add Rs 15 per seeding plug to grow. Seedlings propagate faster and better with Seed Plugs OR Add at ONLY Rs. 35 any vegetable seeds pack. Choose from Squash Round Green, Broccoli, Squash Round Yellow, Carrot Red Long, Carrot Nantes Orange(New!), Zucchini green, Lettuce Iceberg, Organic Radish Red Globe, Spinach, Tomato cherry, Capsicum in Orange/Purple/Red/Yellow, Chinese Cabbage, Red Cabbage, Spring Onions, Okra(New!), Cauliflower Snowball, Peas, Radish long white, Radish red Long, Turnip purple top, Turnip yellow(New!), Sweet corn, Beet Root Red.


Orchid Plants Groveflora India Dendobrium Orchid Plants Groveflora India Dendobrium Orchid Plants Groveflora India Dendobrium Orchid Plants Groveflora India
1. Dendobrium Orchid Plants are easy to grow and the blooms last a long while. These plants that are Large and Blooming Size are available for members for just Rs. 499 per plant inclusive of Shipping. These are available in beautiful colors like Berry Peach, Champagne Pink, Pristine White, Maroon Dark Red, Golden Yellow, Copper Brown, Magenta Red, Heavenly Blue, Blissful Purple, Avaocado Green with Maroon lip, Bright Yellow with Red lip, Canary Yellow, Blanche White with Pink lip, Yellow with purple lip.

2. OPTIONAL - Add Rs. 28/- for 3.5 inch for Special plastic Orchid Pot suitable for your Dendobrium Orchid Plant and Rs. 50 for enough charcoal, sphagnum moss and coco-chips mix growing medium to pot up your beautiful plant.

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