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Special Offers for flower bulbs for our members and Subscribers to our Free Newsletter............... So go ahead register free and become a Groveflora member .................& Enjoy gardening to the hilt!....SPRING-SUMMER FLOWER BULBS like Ravishing Ranunculus, Glorious Gladioli,Golden Lycoris, Pink Nerines, Amazing Amaryllis Hippeastrum in 7 Exotic varieties, Fascinating Football Lilies (Mayflower), Zany Zephyranthes Lily, Beguiling Begonia, Gorgeous Gloxinia, Awesome Agapathus in 2 colors, Crazy Crinum, Cool Cadalium, Centre-Stage Worthy Callas in 2 colors, Dancing Day Lilies, Achimenes, Spider Lily, Alstroemeria and more....Visit the Flower Bulb Catalogue page...

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Freesia flower bulbs Groveflora India Gladioli flower bulbs Groveflora India
1. Order ANY 5 Packets of Seeds and Save 10% on your order value. Groveflora's endeavor is to help members GO GREEN. We bring you this special offer to enable you to plant more!


Groveflora brings you starter kits at best discounted prices only (inclusive of courier shipping) so that you can experiment even with a single bulb of each variety.

Three Great Starter Kit Options available. Ordering is really simple. Send us the code of your choice at

1. FRAGRANT WINTER DELIGHT DHAMAKA - Winter Damaka of varieties of Flower Bulbs and Fragrant Organic Italian Basil Herb Seeds and Fragrant Alyssum White Flower Seeds– Fragrant Premium Freesia, Daffodil Butter Cup Fragrant Nargis, Rain Lily JUMBO Sulphurea Yellow Zephyranthes Flower Bulbs Starter Kit for Rs. 395/- only (Code FWDD):

Fragrant Buttercup Daffodil Nargis delights with its beautiful delicate foliage and flowers, the fragrant beauty of delicate Freesias, the captivating resplendent yellows and white-pinks of Zephyranthes, Fragrant plumes of pretty on dot Alyssums, together with Organic Italian Basil Herb of the Fragrant variety are a visual treat. They all combine to make for a very attractive winter garden space.
Nargisflower bulbs Groveflora India Fragrant Freesia flower bulbs Groveflora India Fragrant Basil Herb Seeds  Groveflora India Golden Yellow Zephyranthes flower bulbs Groveflora India
1. Fragrant Narcissus Butter Cup - 2 flower bulbs
2. Premium Fragrant Freesia - 2 flower bulbs
3. Fragrant Basil Herb Organic Italian Variety - 1 seed pack
4. Sulphurea Yellow-Gold Jumbo Zephyranthes - 2 flower bulbs
5. Exotic White-PinkJumbo Zephyranthes - 2 flower bulbs
6. Alyssum Flower seed - 1 pack
7. Step by Step growing Instructions

2. EXOTIC WINTER MAGIC - This Winter treat yourself to a Exotic Magic of the most sought after varieties of Flower Bulbs and Seeds– Fragrant Premium Freesia, The Ravishing Ranunculus, and the Gorgeous Gladioli team up with Winter Flower Seeds of the Exotic Variety Like Duchess Aster, Fiesta Calendula, and Hansa Cinereria Starter Kit for Rs 475/- (Code EWM):

The lingering fragrant beauty of delicate Freesias, the bold and Ravishing colors of exotic Ranunculus, the bright hues of the spikes of Sword Lily Gladioli, the dancing purple and whites of Hansa Cinereria, the royal colors of Asters, and bright blooms of Fiesta Calendulas inject color in your winter sky. They are an exotic and premium combination for just that oasis of garden space you've been craving for.
flower bulbs Groveflora India flower bulbs Groveflora India flower bulbs Groveflora India flower seeds Groveflora India
1. Ravishing Ranunculus - 2 flower bulbs
2. Premium Fragrant Freesia - 2 flower bulbs
3. Gorgeous Premium Gladioli mix - 2 flower bulbs
4. Fiesta Calendula - 1 flower seed pack
5. Hansa Cinereria - 1 flower seed pack
6. Duchess Aster - 1 flower seed pack
7. Step by Step growing Instructions

3. Make My Own Flower Seeds Starter Kit for Rs. 349/- only (Code MMO):

Make your very own Flower Seed Starter Kit by selecting any Six (6) seed packets from choices below WITH Seed Germination mix to try and 1 Complimentary Seed Plug to get an easy start to seedlings. Make you very own combo mix to create magic on your terrace !

flower seeds Groveflora India flower seeds Groveflora India flower seeds Groveflora India
1. 6 flower seed packets of your choice from any of Balsam Impatiens, Cosmos Starbright, Gomphrena, Gaillardia, French & African Marigold in Orange, Red and White, Hybrid and Tagetus Dwarf Marigold, Portulaca Pop Color Mix (8 O Clock), Rudbeckia Dwarf Mix, Ipomea Heavenly Blue (Morning Glory), Vinca Rosea Dwarf Color Mix, Zinnia in brilliant colors like Purple, Red, Yellow, White, Pink, Mix
2. One Complimentary Seed Germination Root Plug - Just water, seed and watch the miracle unfold
3. Step by Step growing Instructions

4.Trail Blazer Hanging Basket Flower Seeds Starter Kit for Rs. 399/- only with (1 sample pack of Bloom Enricher Mix), AND 9 FLOWER SEEDS of 9 VARIETIES!(Code TBH):

Be a trail blazer and a colorful one at that with all the colorful flowers that you could wish for!
Flowers of this starter combo are guaranteed to make you happy!! Many of these flowers can be planted in a wire basket and hung from the ceiling of your balcony. They grow and trail down creating a mesmerizing floral display.

flower seeds Groveflora India flower seeds Groveflora India
1. Nasturtium – 1 Seed Packet
2. Helichrysum Mix – 1 Seed Packet
3. Gaillardia Seeds – 1 Seed Packet
4. Gomphrena Seeds – 1 Seed Packet
5. Portulaca Double – 1 Seed Packet
6. Vinca Color Mix – 1 Seed Packet
7. Dwarf Double Marigold – 1 Seed Packet
8. Dwarf Zinnia – 1 Seed Packet
9. Dwarf Sunflower Mix – 1 Seed Packet
10. PLUS 1 Sample Pack of Bloom Enricher Mix

OPTIONAL - Add Rs 15 per seeding plug to grow. Seedlings propagate faster and better with Seed Plugs OR Add at ONLY Rs. 35 any vegetable seeds pack.
Choose from Squash Round Green, Broccoli, Squash Round Yellow, Carrot Red Long, Carrot Nantes Orange(New!), Zucchini green, Lettuce Iceberg, Organic Radish Red Globe, Spinach, Tomato cherry, Capsicum in Orange/Purple/Red/Yellow, Chinese Cabbage, Red Cabbage, Spring Onions, Okra(New!), Cauliflower Snowball, Peas, Radish long white, Radish red Long, Turnip purple top, Turnip yellow(New!), Sweet corn, Beet Root Red.


Orchid Plants Groveflora India Dendobrium Orchid Plants Groveflora India Dendobrium Orchid Plants Groveflora India Dendobrium Orchid Plants Groveflora India
1. Dendobrium Orchid Plants are easy to grow and the blooms last a long while. These plants that are Large and Blooming Size are available for members for just Rs. 949/- per Dendobrium Blooming Size large plant. These are available in beautiful colors like Berry Peach, Champagne Pink, Pristine White, Maroon Dark Red, Golden Yellow, Copper Brown, Magenta Red, Heavenly Blue, Blissful Purple, Avaocado Green with Maroon lip, Bright Yellow with Red lip, Canary Yellow, Blanche White with Pink lip, Yellow with purple lip.

OPTIONAL - Add Rs. 28/- for 3.5 inch or Rs. 37/- for 5 inch for a Special plastic Orchid Pot suitable for your Dendobrium Orchid Plant and Rs. 50 for enough coco-chips mix growing medium to pot up your beautiful plant. Other Orchid supplies like Charcoal, nutrient mix also available.

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