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Garden Tools from Groveflora, The premier Garden Resource Company of India

Garden Tools in India today have significantly improved from yesteryears cumbersome and unwieldy instruments to today's lightweight and ergonomically designed tools. Choose from specially sourced garden tools kits in India that are a gardener's pride and delight and are being widely used in India and abroad. In case you need manual horticulture gardening tools to aid you in your quest for a beautiful garden in India and are unable to locate these at your local nursery do let us know at

Gardening Knives in Fixed Plastic or Wooden Handle which include Pruning knife, Budding knife and grafting knife and other such gardening tools.

Pruning Secateurs Garden Tools:of Sizes 7" (Supercut), 8" (Finecut and Regular) and 9" (Major). Secateurs are tools of professional quality which allows precision cuts use after use with comfortable handling. These are ideal for cutting flowers such as roses, shrubs and branches with cutting diameter between 20-22 mm. The angled head allows for adjustable tension and the stainless steel upper blade prevents rusting to give you a durable garden tool. Also available are non-angled regular secateurs, bypass secateurs, pruning secateurs.

garden tools India garden tools India garden tools India garden tools India

Weeding fork, Hand Weeder, Hand Cultivator Garden Tools in Fixed Plastic or Wooden Handle in small and large sizes.

Grass shears, hedge clippers and gear hedge clippers tools all are gardening and horticulture aids.
Garden Gloves from quality manufacturers in India make protecting your hands easy.

garden tools India gardening gloves India

* Gardening Gloves - Protect your hands from scrapes and cuts when working in the garden. Gardening gloves are available in leather, knitted cotton fabric in several colors and all sizes at very competitive prices.
-Available in cotton with non-slip palm for light garden work. Water repellant coating, medium and large sizes available.

-Also available in leather for heavy garden work. Water repellant coating, medium and large sizes available.

Pruning loppers are a gardening tool that is very light and powerful with geared transmission. Specifications: Ergonomic plastic handles, non stick coated blades, precision blades, length 500 mm with cutting diameter between 30- 35 mm. Also available are Telescopic loppers that have excellent reach and great leverage with cutting diameter between 40-42 mm.

Other Garden tools available in India and to our members are flower cutting hand tools, small hand scupper to collect soil, small hand plastic garden buckets, water hose pipes, small garden watering cans etc. For your garden hand and manual horticulture tools requirement you can contact us at in case not available locally.

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