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Gardening Events and Exhibitions

Just as a painter would visit other artists work and view exhibitions and events to get the creative juices flowing, we at Groveflora believe that a healthy appreciation of gardens other than our own is a must. Add to that the multitude of gardening events that happen around the world each month reassures us that we are not alone in our passion for gardening. Gardening is indeed a shared endeavor and not a solitary pursuit as amply demonstrated at these gardening events. Every time we visit a gardening event we are reminded of the fact that gardening is a universal passion.

Gardening Events and Exhibitions bring to us the latest cutting edge technology in this field and brilliant ideas on how we can excel in our gardening efforts. So here is a list of important Gardening Events in India as well as International Gardening Events Calendar for 2015.

Did you know Srinagar, Kashmir hosts a Tulip fower festival every year in April?

There are amazing hues of the tulip spread as far as the eye can see. In fact it is one of the largest tulip shows in south Asia! Tulips grow from flower bulbs and we’ve got an equally awesome lineup of flower bulbs. Check it out at our webpage on flower bulbs of India by clicking here! You can also find our listing of the Best Gardens of India which we track to update you about the local events at these gardens. So check it out at Best Gardens of India by clicking here!


10th International Flora Expo: 20th - 22nd Feb 2015, Chandigarh (details available at
Tulip bulbs India

GARDEN EVENTS UK – Royal Horticulture Society


RHS Chelsea Flower Show: 19th to 23rd May 2015, UK (details available at


*Every 2nd Saturday of the Month

- Rainforest Tour

Venue: Register at Visitor Centre

Time: 9am, 10am, 11am & 4pm

Contact: Visitor Services (6471 7361)

*Every 1st Saturday of the Month - Healing Garden Tour (New!)

Venue: Visitor Centre

Time: 9am & 10am

Contact: Visitor Services (6471 7361)

*Every 4th Saturday of the Month - Race Against Time - Science behind a Botanic Gardens Venue: Register at Green Pavilion, Botany Centre

Time: 10am

*Every 4th Saturday of the Month - Evolution Garden Tour

Venue: Register at Visitor Centre Time: 9am

*Every 3rd Saturday of the Month

- National Orchid Garden Tour Venue: Register at Visitor Centre Time: 9am, 10am, 11am & 4pm

*Every 1st Sunday of the Month

- Orchid Plant Sale Venue: Library Courtyard, Botany Centre. Time: 8am - 6pm

*Every 1st Saturday of the Month

- Rainforest Tour (Japanese) Venue: Register at Visitor Centre Time: 10am


HongKong Flower Show 2015: 20th - 29th March 2015, Victoria Park, Causeway, HongKong (details available at

While the list above covers important Gardening Events in India and International Gardening Events Calendar, do let us know of Gardening events in your part of the world and any others you would like to share. Remember gardening events big or small or even informal gardening events are a great place to connect with fellow gardeners and these gardening events also serve to bring us new ideas!

In case you know of any Gardening event that you would like us to include for visitor to this website, please let us know at with the subject line “Gardening Events” Back to Main Page

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