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Green Travel India Green Travel India

Green Travel brought to you by Groveflora, The premier Garden Resource Company of India

Green travel is catching on...these are places which are green, bring solace to your city-worn souls, and are a treat for computer tired eyes. Green tourism is a purposeful trip to far flung nooks in India and abroad to places that stir your emotions like none else can...join us for a

Lesser Known EcoFriendly Destinations in the Uttarakhand Belt

Uttarakhand enjoys pristine beauty, green meadows and bubbling springs all accompanied to the merry sound of chirping birds of varied species. One just needs to know where to head to to receive this manna from heaven:
1) Munsyari is situated about 145 km from Pithoragarh at 2300 m. above sea level. Since Munsyari is base camp for high altitude trek routes inside Himalayas, you can find people from all nationalities visiting and camping here. There are glaciers to visit close by and majestic views of snow capped mountains surrounds you everywhere you can look. Local villagers provide help to get to camping sites and also homestays.
2) Vinayak is situated only 22 kms from Nainital. But what you get is an altitude of 2300 m, surrounding forests and verdant greens all of which are ideal for nature walks and bird watching. There are tentage sites easily available that are equipeed with water and solar lights and clean facilities for use.
3) Chunakhan is where the Centre For Ecotourism & Sustainable Livelihood is located. The center lets you get hosted by local communities and facilitates information sharing on on natural and cultural heritage. This centre is also known for access to the Chotti Haldwani Heritage Trail in local and tourist circles.
4) Agora is a little harder to get to but well worth it. It is situated 12 km. by road to Sangamchatti and then 6 km. by trek at about 2300 m. above sea level. Once there you can only marvel at snow capped mountain views and the beautiful forests which are hosts to countless rare medicinal plants and herbs. There are eco lodges and camping facilities available with necessary amenities. Boarding and other eco-services are provided by villagers at prescribed rates. There are several trek routes within close proximity. Homestays are also available at the local villages which provide a rustic and interesting option.
5) Dhanolti Eco-park - If you happen to go to Mussoorie then do not forfeita chance to visit the Dhanolti Eco-park which is only 35 km. away. Accomodation options abound in the Bamboo huts that are being provided by the Ecopark. Activities once you are located there consist of trekking, herbal garden walks, bird watching and just taking in the clean air and views of the Himalayas. You are guaranteed snow if you vist during the winter season so be prepared.

Queen of Hills - Ranikhet and Kasauni

This is the month when families across India are planning their summer vacations. Why go for foreign shores this year when you can see swiss scenery right here in India. Check out the pics above. The flowering Jacaranda trees in their mauve and purple hues make for an unforgettable picture combined with the green grass and blue skies. What more does a holiday goer need. If you need any help planning your trip write to us at with subject Green Travel!

Barog, Shimla

This green destination is so close and makes for the perfect getaway from the smog of Delhi NCR. To inspire you we have some pics from this destination below. Reduce your carbon footprint by actually taking the chuk chuk train from Kalka to Shimla and watch the delight on your kids face!

If you have a green destination to share and want others to know about it, write to us at ..

Green Travel India Green Travel India

Alleppey, Kerala

Imagine beautiful green waters fringed by cocunut palm trees. This green destination in the south India charms one and all by its green lushness especially now with the onset of monsoons transforms into a green paradise. Go in for the ayurvedic spa and massage treatments that are potent at this time of the year. Go for a houseboat ride that serenades you with its calm movements and lulls you into tranqulity.

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Go Green, Go Travel Green! Happy Travels!!

Green Travel India Green Travel India
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