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Welcome to Groveflora, the Premier Gardening Resource Company in India that brings you products and services for all things related to Gardening in India and abroad especially terrace gardening. Each month we bring a free newsletter that is packed with information and featured articles on terrace gardening, growing flower bulbs and organic vegetables in containers, calendar on what to grow when, gardening events in your city, latest gardening products for your terrace, garden or balcony, and contests galore for you to win free goodies. To register for our free gardening newsletter do write to us at

Our Products & Services:

* Gardening hand tools and quality gardening gloves that make terrace gardening a breeze!

* Flower bulbs of all kinds - gladioli, lily, dahlia and other flower bulbs to adorn your balcony. For a listing of flower bulbs we supply to our members, please click here

* Flower and Vegetable seeds of all kinds - including exotic vegetables and herbs. For a listing of flower, herb and vegetable seeds we supply to our members, please click here

*Starter Kits for Beautiful Flower Bulbs, Organic Veggies n Colorful Flowers - Rs. 399/- only. Visit our Flower Bulbs page!

* Lawn Mowers of all types for small as well as large gardens

* Planters, pots, hanging baskets and ornamental containers for terrace gardening

* Garden furniture, gardening books on terrace and container gardening, landscaping services

* Water Products including a wide array of water fountains, utilitarian and cute watering cans for your terrace

* Free Access to Garden Experts to help resolve Gardening Queries on terrace gardening and other topics

* Free Terrace Gardening Newsletter for registered members

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