SUMMER AND WINTER FLOWER BULBS....      THIS WINTER BUY FRAGRANT LILIUM BULBS (ORIENTAL LILIES AND ASIATIC LILIES....     Ravishing Ranunculus, Glorious Gladioli,Golden Lycoris, Pink Nerines, Flame Freesia Tritonia, Star of Bethlehem, Daffodils, Iris, Amazing Amaryllis Hippeastrum in 7 Exotic varieties, Fascinating Football Lilies (Mayflower), Zany Zephyranthes aka Rain Lily, Ixia, Sparaxis, Dazzling and Fragrant Daffodils, Beguiling Begonia, Gorgeous Gloxinia, Awesome Agapathus in 2 colors, Crazy Crinum, Cool Cadalium, Centre-Stage Worthy Callas in 2 colors, Dancing Day Lilies, Achimenes, Spider Lily, Curcuma, Kaempheria, Hedychiums, Alstroemeria and more...; REGISTER for great member offers                    Big Pack Big Savings Offers and Starter Kit options for members Buy flower bulbs online India, deals and offers on flower bulbs India, growing lily flower bulbs India, terrace gardening India, organic gardening India


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Flower Bulbs Online in India from Groveflora, The premier Garden Resource Company of India

Discount Flower bulbs are available with us on request. Flower bulbs are not difficult to grow and are delight to watch during their growth till they flower. Nevertheless success depends on proper flower bulbs identification and good flower bulb care & cultivation. To know more about selection of flower bulbs click here or write to us at We assist you in your quest for Flower Bulbs and provide Flower Bulb planting instructions.

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Also see information below:

Its time to plant flower bulbs for a perfect display of variety and colors this season. A wide selection is available ranging from Ravishing Ranunculus, Glorious Gladioli,Golden Lycoris, Pink Nerines, Flame Freesia Tritonia, Star of Bethlehem, Daffodils, Iris, and many more. Some of the Popular all season bulbs are below :

1. Calla Lily - A variety with lovely yellow flowers and captivating spotted green foliage 2. Amaryllis - A large variety featuring Australians, Red Doubles, Dutch, and more 3. Caladiums - Showy leaves of many colors, a visual treat for homes and offices 4. Day Lily - In Mixed, Orange or Pink variety, these lovely flowers enthrall one and all 5. Spider Lily - A delightful pristine white that brings every nook of the garden to life 6. Augustfolia Curcuma - A pretty pink purple variety, which is also an anti pollutant 7. Fragrant Oriental Lilium and Asiatic Lilium 8. Many Many More flower bulb varieties available...for details see the flower bulb catalogue page...

Calla Lily bulbs India Amaryllis bulbs varieties India Caladiumbulbs India Day Lily bulbs, India  Spider lily bulbs India curcuma Flower bulbs India
In Gladiolus flower bulbs we have the following color range among many others. Our JUMBO size gladioli bulbs given lavish and vibrant blooms:

1. Fuschia Pink - A variety with dark pink flowers 2. Bloody Mary - A deep red variety 3. Organic Orange - Orange flowers with yellow center 4. Pristine White - A snow white variety 5. Blushing Pink - A delightful pink and white mixed hybrid 6. Sunshine - A pretty yellow variety

Gladioli bulbs India Gladioli bulbs varieties India Flower bulbs India Gladioli bulbs, India  Gladioli bulbs India Flower bulbs India

In Rajnigandha or sweet fragrant Tuberose Polianthes flower bulbs we have both varieties of Single and the show-stopper Double clustered white varieties.

Rajnigandha Double bulbs India Rajnigandha bulbs varieties India
We also supply flower bulbs for the following:

Lily bulbs India Calla Lily bulbs varieties India Crocus flower bulbs India Crocus Lily bulbs, India  lily bulbs India flower bulbs India

1. Amaryllis lily 2.Narcissus 3. Iris 4. Daffodil 5. Hyacinth 6. Tulip 7. Dahlia 8. Lilium Asiatic 9. Lilium Oriental 10. Polianthus 11. Crocus lilies 12. Calla Lilies 13. And other lily varieties

Pl note that while Groveflora makes full endeavor to ensure flower bulb bloom colors are as stated, given the nature of the product, we cannnot 100% guarantee colors.

Please send us your gardening supplies and flower bulbs requirement at to find out what is in season and get the best competitive quote.

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