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Garden tools and implements

Garden Tools from Groveflora, The premier Garden Resource Company of India


Secateurs or garden scissors rank pretty high on any avid gardeners toolkit. The reasons are plenty. Secateurs can be used for pruning branches, deadheading spent flowers neatly, tackling stems that are too thick for shears, trimming small hedges and borders, harvesting fruits and even cutting hardy stemmed flowers like sunflowers and dahlias. The list and uses go on for this handy garden tool.

Think of your garden secateurs as simply scissors for all your garden needs. Secateurs or pruning shears are used to cut slightly thick or tough branches, bushes or twigs and plants. Depending on the type of secateurs you have bought (they can be anvil or bypass), open the safety catch and place the branch to be cut in between the jaws and apply pressure to cut the branch carefully. You can make the cut at an angle if you desire. A little practice will make this tool very handy in your garden.

The best and most valued secateurs are of course the well known brand of Felco No. 2. Choosing from the variety of models available can be a challenge. We at Groveflora recommend secateurs that have an easy fit in your hand while giving you a stable grip. Such secateurs last a long unlike the cheaper versions and give a clean cut without crushing the stem. Nevertheless you may need to sharpen the blades that have become blunt with extended use. To prolong their edge never try to cut overly thick branches or ones that are very woody. Also remember to wash and dry your secateur blades with a soft cloth to keep them clean and free of rust.

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