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Organic Vegetable gardening in Pots and Containers

vegetable gardening India vegetable gardening India vegetable gardening India vegetable gardening India
Check out these pics of gourds (Indian vegetable torai also snake gourd) we have recently grown from seeds. The vegetable seedlings are now ready to be transplanted and hardened off for growing in large pots. We plan to let the tendrils latch on to the banister of the terrace so that they are later able to get enough support to yield the gourd vegetables. We’ll keep you posted on this page for more pics of these as they grow.

Here are some more pics of these gourds growing in pots and containers in our balcony plus some of the bitter gourd (aka Karela) also growing. Both are now budding and will post pics of their flowers and fruit also hopefully soon!

vegetable gardening India vegetable gardening India vegetable gardening India

The karelas are off to a good start and are using the banister to hold on to upright. we've provided them some extension using raffia string and they promptly took up the cue to overlook the car park.

vegetable gardening India vegetable gardening India

Well, seeing this is believing! Yes you can grow almost every vegetable you desire in pots and containers in your terrace garden. Depending on what you want to grow you need to ensure right size of the pot for the vegetable plant. The other important thing to ensure is the duration of natural sunlight or other light source and follow the local sowing vegetable season. Our monthly newsletter guides you through the year and alerts you to what vegetables to grow, where and when in your terrace garden. Register here. And that’s pretty much it. After you have sown the seeds, tended the seedlings with love and care (read our section on terrace gardening here) you can have a working garden that supplies you garden fresh organic veggies all through the year.

What about vegetable seeds you say? The answer is fairly straight forward. Where there is a will, there is a gardener's way we always say!

You can always acquire vegetable seeds from a reputable commercial source or a nursery. However for many herbs and vegetables you can literally start from scratch and create a terrace garden. For example you can grow organic garlic from individual garlic cloves. Once they are fully grown, each clove will yield one whole head of garlic. Potatoes can be grown from the individual "eyes" on them. Each potato will yield several potatoes in assorted sizes when they are done growing. That's nature's bounty! If you still need seeds literally delivered to your doorstep, then view our vegetable and herbs seed list here and let us know.

Fenugreek or Methi, onion and coriander can be grown from seeds in your kitchen.Ditto for mustard leaves in your terrace garden. For Bhindi or okra vegetable, just take an overripe one bought from your vegetable grocer, pick out the seeds and dry and grow next year. For tomatoes (they are technically a fruit and not a vegetable) you can scoop out the inside mush add some water in a glass and set aside for a few days. Remove the gunk that floats on the top. The seeds at the bottom are good. Wash these well in water and set aside to dry. Once dry they are ready to be planted!

Vegetable Gardening India Vegetable Gardening India Vegetable Gardening India Vegetable Gardening India

Happy vegetable gardening & harvesting!

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