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 Tray Garden Groveflora  Tray Garden Groveflora

Flower Bulbs from Groveflora, The premier Garden Resource Company of India

Tray Gardens or miniature gardens growing on a platter in your home or office add a new dimension of green! More so when you are constrained for space but wish to enjoy a garden’s solace. Register with us and learn how to unleash your creativity in building these small miracles. Available below are some garden accessories which can help one set up a Tray Garden or otherwise add interest to a large planter by simply using pot stones.


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3 in 1 Multifunctional Moisture, PH and Light meter

Bulbs and many other plants are very sensitive to moisture especially at the root level and over-watering is perhaps the most common reason why bulbs will not sprout and also over-watered plants wither.

For certain plants we need to maintain the right acidity or alkalinity levels. Plants often cannot absorb nutrients from the soil (or in case of Hydroponics from water medium) if the right PH value is not maintained. Ideal PH for bulbs is usually between 6 and 7. A useful tool to avoid these problems is the 3 in 1 multifunctional moisture, PH and light meter. The meter is suitable for all types of soil.

Simply insert probe of the meter into the soil, switch to the setting you want to measure and read the scale. No battery is required, and it is simple and convenient to use. The only maintenance is to clean the electrode after each use and before storing.

Specification: Size: 28.2 x 4.8 x 3.6cm

Probe length: 21cm and Probe weight: 95g

Color: Green

Product Picture is as below for representation purposes.
 Garden Accessory Groveflora  Garden Accessory Groveflora
Please note that Groveflora simply endeavors to bring you the latest gardening products available in the market at reasonable prices. Please note that Groveflora has no commercial interest in this nor liability from product purchase or use.


The garden sticks not only help support your plants in a pot or a garden but also give it an added attractiveness!
Product Description: Material - Galvanized sheet and wrought iron
Finish. Powder Coating with hand painting (Assorted Colors available)
 Garden Accessory Groveflora
1. Rose Garden Stick
Height 21" ( 53.5 cms )
2. Bird Garden Stick Large
Height. 31" ( 79 cms )
Length Bird. 6.3" ( 16cms)

3. Bird Garden Stick Medium
Height. 23" ( 58 cms )
Length bird. 4.5" ( 11.5 cms )

Also available Butterfly Garden Sticks
Height. 24" ( 61 cms )
Length Butterfly 7" ( 7.5 cms )

 Tray Garden Accessory Groveflora
Ceramic House shape (Large, Medium and Small)

 Tray Garden Accessory Groveflora

Ceramic Pagoda shape (Large, Medium and Small)

Also available:
Ceramic Hut shape (Large, Medium and Small)

Polished Marble Stones for Pots and Tray Gardens
Also available:
Polished Shells for Pots and Tray Gardens
Polished White Marble Chips for Pots and Tray Gardens
Colored Glass Pebbles for Pots and Tray Gardens
Polished Colored Stones for Pots and Tray Gardens

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