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Terrace and Balcony Gardening

Everyone we know loves to have a kitchen garden. But in these days of apartment living and limited urban spaces very few have the luxury of vast open spaces in their backyard. Fret not, we bring you a step by step guide to your own kitchen garden on your very own balcony or terrace. And what’s more you can grow your own organic vegetables and herbs to give your health a boost! We show you how easy it is to start your very own terrace garden or balcony garden. So don't wait just get started with your terrace garden today!

Terrace Gardening

We are India's premier gardening company specializing in Greening of Balcony and Terrace Areas based on individual requirements.

We provide for our members information and free advice on the best:
1) gardening tool kit sets, gardening gloves
2) Water hoses, drip irrigation systems (in case regular watering is not feasible) with timer arrangements,
3) Know how on what to to grow and when,
4) Hanging baskets for terrace, coated metal or steel plant holders, planters, pots and containers
5) Growing medium that is sterile and lightweight (ideal for balcony pots) and organic fertilizers, vermiculite, perlite etc.
6) seeds for flowers, English Herbs and vegetables including organic
7) Exotic flower bulbs that add a new dimension to your balcony making it an oasis of green and color.
8) Expert advice on design and installation

In short we are your one-stop balcony garden solution for all your needs. Just write to us at and we help you find the best solutions to suit your requirements.

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